Alexander Technique in the office

For many years, I have offered Alexander Technique lessons to businesses for several years. Lessons usually take place once a week at a set time for interested employees.

It has been my experience that this short »break« of about 30 minutes is very popular with employees. Many realize that their daily workload can be performed with considerably less stress.

Relaxed employees who organize their work station in such a way that their daily tasks are easier to perform contribute to improvements in productivity and the work environment.
Because employees that observe themselves and their behaviour more consciously, they are often more sensitive and open-minded towards their colleagues.

The only requirement is a room where we can work undisturbed.
I supply the equipment such as stools, mats, or sometimes a table.

The cost of these lessons can be deducted from corporate taxes as a measure to »optimize self-management in the office« as part of preventing workplace injuries.